Occasionally we write articles on various game development topics, including art, programming, and game design. Once in awhile we even write strategy guides for non-Riverman games! We are working slowly-but-surely to bring the most popular articles from our old site into this page.


A PC Programmer on the Mac
Learn how Paul adapted to the Mac after years of PC use.

Object Oriented Game Programming: The Scripted Event System
Learn about our powerful and flexible system for creating visual effects, AI, complicated character animations, and more.

Programming MadStone: Drawing a Wall of Blocks
A look at MadStone’s deceptively complex block drawing algorithm.

Programming Madstone: Fairer Than Random
When does randomness feel unfair?

Object-Oriented Game Programming: The Behavior System
Use the Behavior System to share diverse functionality between objects in your game.

Object-Oriented Game Programming: Robot Functions
Experience the power of Robot functions in your game code. You’ll use them everywhere!

Object-Oriented Game Programming: The Scene System
Simplify flow between game ”screens” using the scene system

Object-Oriented Game Programming: The GUI Stack
Simplifying UI Programming with the GUI stack


From 2D to 3D and Back: Rotoscoping in Pizza Vs. Skeletons
A description of the animation process used for the enemies in Pizza Vs. Skeletons.

Digital Color Mixing Exercise
This fun digital painting exercise will help you understand how the computer makes colors from red, green, and blue components.

Photoshop Tip: Get rid of ghost outlines around sprites
Learn how to get rid of the dark ghost outlines around sprites with anti-aliased edges.

Animated Explosion Tutorial in DarkTree Textures
Learn how to create a convincing animated explosion in DarkTree Textures.

Easy Atmospheric Perspective in Photoshop
This tutorial introduces the concept of atmospheric perspective and demonstrates an easy and flexible way to create atmospheric perspective in Photoshop.


Camera Design for a Super-Sized Character
An in-depth look at the logic behind Pizza Vs. Skeletons’ 2D camera.

GUI Design Tip: The Navigation Grid
A simple technique for organizing user interface navigation flows.

Good Vs. Better
Thoughts on the role of perfectionism in game design.

Steve Jobs gives Riverman Advice
Jacob and Steve Jobs have an email exchange.

The Golden Cartridge: Games that Players Treasure
A look at that factors that cause players to form enduring connections to certain games.

Cash Cow: From 2005 to 2009
A look at the four year evolution of the PC version of Cash Cow to the iPhone version.

Practical Tips for Small Team Game Development
A presentation Jacob gave on his experiences developing games with a small team.

Game Strategies

Chrono Trigger DS: Completionist Secrets
Chrono Trigger secrets that only a true completionist has the drive to find

MadStone: The Official Strategy Guide
An explanation of how to play MadStone and improve your skills.

Half Life 2 Deathmatch: Surviving the Spawn
Learn a range of combat tactics for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, from basic to difficult.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Ground Attack Guide
Learn how and when to use your main ground based A-moves.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Zero Suit Samus Guide
Learn all about how to play Zero Suit Samus, from the basics to more advanced attacks.