Cash Cow

Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters might seem like pocket change, but in Cash Cow they add up to loads of fun!

Celebrate Buck’s 10th birthday with Cash Cow: Anniversary Edition, available now! Totally remastered graphics, silky smooth performance on every iOS device, and still PLENTY OF COWBELL!

“From a pure visual and aural standpoint, this package is “udderly” gorgeous.” -Gamezebo

“It has great graphics, game play is brilliant. Recommend to everyone.” -iWin player

“Great game! Thought it would be more of a kid’s game, but it was challenging. More than a match 3 game.” -iWin player

“Cash Cow is a brand new experience that you won’t want to put down, and the music will have your humming the tunes.” -pixelparadox

“Cash Cow is a fascinating game that features original concept, solid storyline, colorful graphics, diverse sound effects and cheerful country music.” -terragame

“The production value and game play is well balanced and I’ve enjoyed the game and I’m sure you will enjoy the game too.” -Greenapplegames player

About Cash Cow

Help Buck the Cow and his friends save the farm in this original game of coin counting. The objective is simple: earn money by counting up your loose change. Small coins make big coins, and big coins make dollar bills. Things get trickier when you add counterfeit money, ladybugs, gold nuggets, glowing coins, and powerups into the mix. With its unique challenges, fantastic graphics, and catchy soundtrack, Cash Cow is one app you’ll keep playing again and again!

New remastered version with HD graphics

• Built from the ground up for iPhone and iPad

• Easy to play! Intuitive controls with interactive tutorials

• A deep combo system that will take weeks to master

• Wacky story starring your favorite barnyard animals

• Build a custom farm, complete with windmills, haystacks, chickens, and over 25 other types of equipment.

• 5 distinct game modes. Choose whether you want to play for hours or minutes

• Soundtrack with PLENTY OF COWBELL!