Plunge into the depths of the primordial sea to save the waters from a biomechanical menace.

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MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL is a dazzlingly hand-animated, retro-inspired, modern-playing smash-o-rama that will leave your thumbs twitching and your heart aflutter.

Skeletal Maṣātānu are fast but weak

In the game, you control two paddles, one on each side of the screen, using them to deflect bouncing energy balls into enemies. Fans of Breakout, pinball, and Pong will feel immediately comfortable with the basic controls, but the multi-touch element adds a mind-bending twist. Enemies rise from the bottom of the screen, each moving in a unique pattern, and you must destroy them before they reach the top. The balls multiply frequently, boosting your firepower but requiring more of your attention to aim them and keep them in play. Between levels, you spend the wealth you accumulated from enemies toward powerups and unlocking variant paddles, each with special abilities.

Mechanized Raqqu stop swimming when their heads are attacked

The game’s undersea environment is brought to life via moody, hypnotic, animated backgrounds, a haunting soundtrack, and Riverman’s signature flair for the slightly deranged.

Poisonous Bagbūgītu rise faster when inflated

Insidious Kuppû are fast and evasive

Enu the all-consuming