The Executive

The Executive is Riverman's upcoming martial arts action game. It will be released in Spring 2015.

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Update: We will be posting daily updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts until launch. So if you’re interested, follow along!


The Executive is a fast-paced, cinematic, martial arts action game designed from the ground up for iPhone and iPad. You are the CEO of a company that has been infiltrated by werewolves, and it’s your job to save your employees, and eventually the entire city, from their dastardly schemes.

The Executive combines a fast-paced combat system, timing based running and platforming, 120 hand-crafted levels, a full inventory of moves and upgrades, and a simple mining company simulation for earning money, all into one cohesive experience. The fighting engine evokes a cross between Street Fighter II and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Players strike and block at various heights while watching enemies for signs of attacks. The platforming (or “stunt”) segments require precise timing, similar to Elite Beat Agents but with an emphasis on visual timing instead of musical rhythm. Both these mechanics are brought together by the SP bar, which allows players to execute gesture-based special moves like flame kicks, health restoration, and even morphing the character’s arm into a silver spike to impale foes.

The Executive uses Riverman Media’s proprietary animation system to bring to life its large, hand-drawn, 2D sprites with an unprecedented amount of smoothness and detail. Riverman’s mission is to advance the art of 2D game creation, and The Executive represents the pinnacle of Riverman Media’s research and development into new 2D graphics technology.

The Executive will launch in Spring 2015.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many levels are there? Is this an endless game?
There are 120 levels. They take place in a different parts of the city (subway, marina, museum) and have different types of enemies and action sequences. Every square millimeter of every level will be handcrafted–no randomly generated endless filler.

2. Will there be virtual controls?
No. The touch controls are integrated directly into the characters and environments. For example, you tap an enemy’s head to punch its head, and you tap your character’s legs to block low. There are also many special moves, executed by slides. Action sequences (like jumping through glass windows) use special timing icons, similar to rhythm games.

3. Freemium, right?
Wrong! The Executive will cost money, but probably less than the last sandwich you ate. Once you’ve bought it though, there will be nothing additional for sale within the game. Ever. And no ads either.

4. Why is it taking so long to make?
For better or for worse, we are inventing everything from the ground up for The Executive. Touchscreen-optimized fighting controls. A brand new animation system (actually, if you want to get specific, two brand new animation systems). Each level built one pixel at a time. We’ve also dealt with (and recently overcome) problems with frame rates, memory, and load times. Everything has come together though, and the game will be released in spring of 2015.

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The entire 25-song electro-rock sountrack is free on SoundCloud. Have a listen below or go download DRM-free lossless audio files.