Riverman Media offers consulting services to game developers and publishers looking to improve their products. Our years of experience as an award-winning, profitable, independent studio can help your game reach its full potential.

Contact: consulting@rivermanmedia.com


We will provide your team with specific, actionable feedback that is tailored to your unique challenges. Here are a few of the ways we have helped other development teams:

  • Usability testing to pinpoint areas of confusion and frustration, and proposal of remedies.
  • Screenshot paintovers that demonstrate avenues for graphical improvement.
  • Game balance analysis to ensure a fair, positive experience for players with varying play styles and skill levels.
  • Object-oriented design assistance guides your team toward building a solid code foundation that is elegant, expandable, portable and easy to troubleshoot.
  • Concept review sessions to craft a game premise that will stand out against a sea of competition.
  • Feedback on marketing materials to deliver a compelling message about your product to its target audience.
  • iOS release planning, such as deciding on a launch date, determining price-point, and recommendations regarding Apple’s approval process, help your game’s launch proceed as smoothly as possible.
  • Concept generation for licensed games helps your team convert movie, television, or comic book IP into fun and compelling games.
  • Rapid prototyping puts the experimental work of refining game mechanics into the hands of our small, agile, team, so your company doesn’t have to invest in an idea until it’s ready.
  • Focused logic testing will quickly expose bugs in your game’s main engine or UI at any stage of development.

Our Industry Experience

Jacob and Paul have over 20 years combined experience as professional game developers working on a variety of platforms. With their accumulated knowledge, they can help bring your project to the next degree of fun, finish, and financial success. Our industry accomplishments include:

  • Ten years of operation as a profitable independent studio.
  • Created one of the top 10 best-reviewed iOS games of 2012, according to Metacritic.
  • Our game Pizza Vs. Skeletons was awarded Game of the Week by Apple.
  • Development experience on iPhone, iPad, Wii, PC, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance.
  • Release of 6 independently developed iOS games, all of which were featured by Apple.
  • Jacob and Paul have performed work for numerous top-tier companies, including Disney, IBM, Warner Bros., Shutterfly, Chillingo, and Cartoon Network.
  • Accumulated numerous press accolades both before and after our games’ release.
  • Our games are considered by publishers and players alike to be among the most bug-free in the industry.

Consultation Process

The first step toward working with us is to schedule a complimentary telephone or Skype meeting to discuss how Riverman Media can best meet the needs of your company. This will be determined by how far along in development your game is, your previous experience, and the specific areas of improvement you are looking to address.

We charge a reasonable hourly rate that is based only on the amount of time we spend creating feedback for your team. The time we spend actually playing your game is free (unless we are specifically focused on error detection).

Additionally, we will provide you with a full, no questions asked refund if you do not find our services useful.

Contact Us

To begin the consultation process, please contact us at consulting@rivermanmedia.com

Thank you!