Deathfall is a macabre, artistic experience with physics-based controls and endless levels.

iPhone + iPad

Deathfall was one of our first experiments in creating 2D graphics with an aged, hand-drawn look. It features hypnotic physics-driven gameplay, dynamically generated levels, and a haunting soundtrack.

New Features in the HD Version

– Full iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Support
– Ultra-sharp HD graphics, true retina support (iPhone 4).
– 13 new areas.
– You now have the option to continue after losing.


– Hold the device upright. Tilt to move.
– Collect relics.
– Avoid spikes.

Advanced Techniques

– Collect all relics in an area for a Perfect.
– A Perfect will cause you to glow briefly.
– Collect relics while glowing for bonus points.

iPhone + iPad