Fat Roll Santa

Santa is back, and he's fatter than ever. ...And rollier than ever. Have you been good?

Looks like Rudolf got tired and this game is no longer for sale! Maybe some of our other great games will hold you over until Santa stocks up on some new toys?


– Hold the device upright
– Tilt left and right to move as you fall
– Collect presents, avoid spikes


– Fully Game Center compatible
– Advanced world generation: never play the same level twice!
– Online leaderboards and several challenging achievements
– Realistic physics
– Facebook support: post your scores to your profile
– Extremely simple controls: just tilt to move!
– Beautiful “world-sized” backgrounds that change as you go
– Endless style play: keep going as long as you can!
– An energetic new take on familiar Christmas songs

Advanced Tips

– Get all of the presents in an area for a “Perfect!”
– A Perfect! causes you to briefly earn extra points from collectibles.
– Play quickly after a Perfect! to maximize your bonus points.
– Try to get the GIANT present at the end of each level for major points.
– Tilting the device back and forth quickly while bouncing off obstacles will cause you to build momentum and reach higher places.