Space Frak

Space Frak is an old-school, touchscreen-mashing space shooter for iPhone and iPad. Blast your way through an endless series of levels, as the insect-like swarms of invaders get tougher and nastier.

iPhone + iPad


– Tap the screen to fire your gun in that direction.
– Hold your finger down to charge your gun, then release to fire a powerful blast.
– Charging your gun also draws in powerups.


– Fully Game Center compatible
– Online leaderboards and 10 challenging achievements
– Dozens of enemies and bosses
– Dazzling visuals
– Real-time enemy destruction effects
– Stunning space backgrounds inspired by actual NASA Hubble imagery
– 5 Powerups, including Triple Shot, Machine Gun, and Hyper Blast
– Endless level cycles: The difficulty will continue to increase as long as you can handle it

Advanced Tips

– A powerful laser blast can destroy multiple enemies.
– Destroy several enemies with a single shot to earn combos for big points.
– Large combos cause powerups to appear more often.
– In later levels, certain enemies can only be damaged by asteroids.
– Fire at an asteroid to set it ablaze and send it toward incoming spacecraft.

iPhone + iPad