Daily Executive Tidbits til Launch

Posted by on Aug 21, 2014 in News | No Comments


Things are finally, finally, starting to come together for our next game, The Executive. We are now fairly confident that it’s a game that will come out one day, and to celebrate, we’ll be providing daily updates on our progress on Riverman’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In Paul’s words:

I had this idea yesterday. I’m always saying things like, “I wonder what game designer X is working on today” or “I wonder what’s making Y upcoming game take so long” or “Hmm, I wonder what new games Z company is making.” But lots of companies are secretive about their projects until close to release, and even then, you never get a sense of what really goes into making the games on a day-to-day basis.

And then I thought, what if someone in the world is interested in what Riverman Media does day-to-day as an independent game developer? Or what if someone in the world saw a trailer for The Executive, and is curious to know what work is going into the game in real-time (and possibly why it’s been in development for about 2 1/2 years)?

Well, in case someone is, we’re going to start posting (approximately) daily updates to Facebook and Twitter, just a sentence or two about what we’re working on that day, and when we have time we’ll throw in a picture, short video, music clip, etc. If you don’t care what we’re up to every day and don’t feel like following our Twitter or Facebook accounts, you won’t offend us, that’s totally cool!

So if you’re into what we’re doing and want a snapshot into the daily lives of game designers, check out our Facebook or Twitter accounts.